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Why Choose Raw

Native K9 specializes in the health and wellness of dogs, by providing holistic RAW food with the highest quality of meats, vegetables, fruits, and essential fats. Knowledge and care goes into every formula created for our 4-legged customers.

RAW is BEST for your pet!

A raw natural diet is one of the best things you can give your dog. When feeding raw you are giving your dog a biologically appropriate diet. Not only will your dog enjoy eating their meal, but their bodies will thrive off of it. Your dogs overall health will improve because of a more natural diet. Naturally clean teeth and better smelling breathe are just a few of the advantages to switching to raw. You can’t go wrong when feed your dog exactly what nature intended.

There are many benefits from feed your pet a raw diet versus commercial dog food. Most manufactured dog foods contain a long list of additives, preservatives and grain products. Grains make up the majority of processed, commercial dog food company food sources because they are a cheap way to fill the dog up. Yet dogs do not have the digestive enzymes or system to cope with grains. Grains are one of the biggest sources of allergies in dogs.

Once you begin the raw diet with your dog you can start to see benefits within weeks, or even days. One of the first changes you will notice will be your dogs coat, it will become a lot softer, fuller and shinier over time. Your dog will also start to consume a lot less water, because they are not eating sand dry kibble. After only a very short time on a raw diet, your dog will have much-improved breath, no tartar and beautifully clean teeth. The benefits from a balanced raw diet only get better the longer you it to your dog. Altogether your pets overall health will be enhanced by switching to raw, from mental stimulation to better endurance you can’t go wrong with raw.


Our nutrition formulating skills

Holistic nutrition for your pet offers a multitude of health and wellness benefits; including, increasing energy levels, strong bones, increasing flexibility in joints, and creating a shiny coat while cutting down on skin allergies and irritations.

Meat Protein (Muscle/Organs/Tendons)0

Fiber (Fruits/Vegetables/Dairy)0

Essential Oils (Eggs/Coconut Oil/Omega-3 Fatty Acids)0

Meat and Bones

We use only the best quality of muscle meat, organs and raw bones provided by beef, chicken, and venison. All of our meat products are provided by local farms in the North Georgia area.

Vegetables and Fruits

We select fruits and vegetables with the highest nutrient content and active enzymes that work well with your pets digestive system. These products are grown and provided by local farmers.


We add oils, eggs and dairy to enhance the diet with essential fatty acids and calcium. These additives contribute to the overall balance of the RAW diet and provide your pet with optimum wellness.



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